Collaboration and Community Engagement Competencies

The Quad, University of Victoria

Today’s world is increasingly complex and requires many voices and perspectives to respond to local and global challenges. Education draws on generational wisdom to build new knowledge and develop positive and trusting relationships, so as to hear and act in ways that support all learners individually and collectively. Learning to communicate respectfully is the essence of providing positive educational opportunities for all students.


  1. practise effective communication appropriate to the context and audience, enabling responsiveness to diversities of learners (more)
  2. practise respect for all learners from all cultures, including, specifically, Indigenous learners (more)
  3. practise working collaboratively and collegially as well as independently (more)
  4. develop positive and supportive connections with students and colleagues, building professional learning networks (more)

First Peoples Principles connected to Collaboration and Community Engagement

  • Learning involves generational roles and responsibilities.
  • Learning recognizes the role of indigenous knowledge.
  • Learning is embedded in memory, history, and story.